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The "Lock Jammer"  Schlage SC1

The "Lock Jammer" Schlage SC1

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The "Lock Jammer" for Schlage Locks with SC1or SC4 Key-way
When security matters use the "Lock Jammer"

The "Lock Jammer" is ideal for Law enforcement and Military personnel who need to lock down an area in emergency situations, landlords looking to keep tenants out after evicting them, home owners who's keys have been lost or stolen, victims of domestic violence who need to secure their residence until it can be re-keyed, or the survivalist who is just looking to be prepared. Once the "Lock Jammer" is inserted into the lock the key-way is blocked preventing anyone from using their key one that side of the lock. It also prevents the use of bump keys and lock picks. For all intensive purposes the lock has been disabled and will need to be replaced. The only exception to this would be if someone has special locksmith tools. However, even with the right tools it will still be very difficult to remove the "Lock Jammer" due to depth of the cut used to disable the lock.

Schlage SC1 Key-way

The "Lock Jammer" works like this. You insert the key as far into the lock as you can and then bend the head of the key to one side and it will break off due to the cut made on the other side of the key blade to weaken it. There is a deep cut on the key blade that is angled on one side allowing the key to be pushed into the lock. However, the other side of this cut is like a vertical wall that traps the pins preventing the key from being pulled out of the lock. Once the"Lock Jammer" has been inserted that side of the lock is disabled; however, the other side of the lock can still be operated. This "Lock Jammer" is for Schlage locks that use the SC1 or SC4 key-way.  We can make these for almost any key-way.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These keys only disable the mechanical operation of the lock cylinder they are inserted into. If the lock can be opened by other means such as a combination or electronic keypad the door can still be opened.

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